Devoid of Faith (realitycomplex) wrote in bookunderground,
Devoid of Faith

Vital Remains sunday in CT!

click here for flyer

Sunday night we (Throwing Shrapnel) are playing with Vital Remains and Incantaion, as you can see on the flyer. It is at 7pm and is an all ages show at the Empress Ballroom in Danbury CT. The tickets will be $12 at the door, but we have them for a lot less, any good offer for that matter. We were issued tickets too sell and we're willing too take a loss just to get rid of them, so you get a deal. We are more than willing too meet you at the venue before hand if you need tickets, and do what we must too make it easier on everyone. For more info and whatnot email me at or send me a messege on aim at EmoDeathCult, thanks again.

repost this if you have a chance

-Keith Mutiny
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