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Howdy, friends and bands alike...

Well, here we are again, in a few more weeks we will start back to playing shows. We're looking forward to October, and will be playing with a lot of really good bands, it promises to be a good month. We have yet to confirm any dates for the month of November, but are hoping to spread a little further out that month. Hopefully some time in NY, NJ, PA, as well as throughout New England.

This post is simply a bid for shows in or around those for-mentioned locations in the month of November. If you, or anyone you know can, and is willing, to book us, we are more than happy to return the favor with any and all local support we can give when you need the same in return.

So... see whats happening in your area, at your venues, in your basements and local halls, and let us know if you can help. We always appreciate anything you can do and promise a good time. Thanks for the support, and I hope too hear from a few of you in time. Take care.

ps- you can respond to this, or contact myself multiple ways...

Yahoo Messenger- KeithMutiny
AIM- EmoDeathCult

Thanks for your support, again!!

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Keith Mutiny
Throwing Shrapnel
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